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  • Integrated Ethereum Wallet. Create Ethereum accounts with a click of a button. Import and export your wallet.

  • Buy Etherem directly to your account, with low margins and no middlemen via our trusted parther Wyre.

  • Discover top dapps in the Dappstore by Dappscape™. Our editors have hand picked the best dapps, from games to NFT markets to DeFi and more.

  • Run .dapp dapps from any source: web, email or a flash drive.

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Developing and publishing dapps has never been easier

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Dappscape™ contains everything you need to connect your dapp to Ethereum blockchain.

Develop in test or real environment

Dappscape™ has built-in access to Ethereum mainnet and major test nets like Ropsten, Rinkeby, Goerli and Kovan. You can also setup your own.

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Publish a dapp with one click, so everybody can access it!